True Religion Clothing – Are Their Women’s Designer Jeans For You?

If you are looking for high quality denims with a touch of class and air of individuality then you may find what you have been looking for at True Religion Clothing. Based in Los Angeles, the True Religion Clothing company creates a masterpiece each time they make a pair of jeans. Their reputation is based on many things, and attention to detail is definitely one of them. They take huge efforts to ensure every tiny detail of every pair of jeans and the other items of clothing they make is finished to perfection, right down to the last stitch on their stunning embroidery. Yet to hit the top of the markets, this is a relatively new company that is moving with leaps and bounds up the demand stakes. Watch them with interest, as they will not stop until they reach the very top.

True Religion Clothing gives you a chance to express your individuality and look really good as you do so. With ranges for both him and her, you and your man can hit the town looking hot to trot and be almost guaranteed to attract attention as people are going to want to know where they too can get jeans as good as yours. Hey, whether you confess all or keep your much loved jeans a secret all to yourself is up to you – you may well want to be the only one that looks that good! The denims are cut to perfection and are easily comfortable enough to spend the whole day and party into the night in. In fact you may not want to take them off even then!

One thing is for sure. As much as you love the comfort of these denims, you will soon realize that the styling is second to none. The company offers a signature range with large back pockets that have the intense and elaborate stitching that they have become famed for. The collections are available in a wide range of sizes so you won’t have any trouble getting jeans to find for you or your man, and for the man in your life you may want to add a shirt, jumper or jacket to complete the look. Don’t forget the belt as well to really finish off the whole package. There are simply tons of styles to tempt you, and you won’t want to stop at just one pair when you see how many fantastic choices there are.

If this isn’t enough for you, the True Religion Clothing people also have a signature range of his and hers perfume and aftershave, both of which smell divine and really are going to be flying off the shelves when people realize how good they are. Perhaps it is a lesser known clothing brand but certainly one that deserves to come to the forefront and take the spotlight it so deserves, as once you have seen the range of stunning jeans on offer you are unlikely to forget the name and are going to love owning these unique jeans.

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True Religion Jeans – How To Spot Fake True Religion Jeans

What you are about to read may really upset you. When it comes to designer clothing there are hoards of people out there aggressively marketing fakes as the real thing. And they are trying to take advantage of anybody, including you, to make a buck. True Religion jeans are no exception this annoying practice. The good news is that by following the suggestions in this article you can buy True Religion jeans online, in a mall or anywhere else for that matter with a since of confidence that you are getting an original.

Probably the easiest way to identify fake True Religion jeans is the shape of the pocket flaps. On originals both the back pockets and the front coin pocket are curved with a pronounced point in the center. Fakes will butcher this in a variety of ways from an attempted curve to some that are practically straight. If you need to know one thing about the originals it is the shape of the pocket flaps.

Inspect the back pocket closely. The signature True Religion horseshoe is difficult to replicate and is often shaped incorrectly and off center on fakes. Most of the time fakes will have a horseshoe that is too wide and placed too high on the pocket.

Check out the look and feel of the fabric. True Religions are known for their high quality denim, smooth fading and flawless distressing. The denim on many fakes is coarse, stiff and thin. Additionally, fading is often very abrupt with a dirty brownish yellow appearance. Distressing on fakes if often exaggerated when compared to originals.

Get to know the Buddha. The Buddha shown on True Religion backtags and inner pockets is a brilliant red and detailed. For example, you can distinguish all of the fingers on originals where on fakes the fingers are blurred. Regarding the pocket liners, the Buddhas should be small and bright red. You are looking at a fake if the Buddhas are large, dull or even missing completely.

Inner tag details matter. Original True Religion jeans will have an inner tag where the description under the horseshoe is “made in USA”, not “made in U.S.A.”, “MADE IN USA” or some other derivation.

So now you have some things to focus on when you buy your next True Religions. If you spend some time getting familiar with originals and keep these suggestions in mind you will be well on your way to becoming an expert at spotting fakes. Being able to spot fakes will serve you well because while there are fakes around every corner, there are awesome deals out there too. So start shopping with confidence and good luck in finding your next deal!

True Religion Jeans and Norse Projects Clothing – The Perfect Match

True Religion jeans and Norse Projects are perfect match for each other. True Religion jeans can be worn perfectly with any style of Norse Projects Tees or Shirts. Both clothing lines are renowned for being made from high quality fabric that are resistant against the usual wear and tear of wearing. Norse Projects is also built with strong weather conditions in mind, so many of their items are also wind, rain and water resistant too.

True Religion jeans are a premium clothing line that that established by Jeffrey Lubell and Kym Gold in 2002. True Religion’s headquarters is based in Los Angeles, California. It is a very premium and self-confessed exclusive line of clothing: the average cost of the jeans range from $180 – $360. Most of the jeans cost between $260 and $300.

True Religion is recognized for the western vintage jeans, it provides a contemporary makeover to very vintage styles, and is clearly inspired by American history, especially that of the Old West and the days of Cowboys and Indians. Altogether, True Religion has more than 900 boutiques, stores and independent stockists around the world. Many of these boutiques can be found across America including in Los Angeles, Paramus, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Diego. Customers can also purchase True Religion jeans and clothing at the high end and upmarket department stores. Some of the high end department stores that offer this brand of jeans include Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Outside of the USA, the best place to find True Religion clothing is at independent retailers that specialise in denim clothing.

Norse Projects is a designer clothing manufacturer that is based in Copenhagen, Denmark; a true descendant of the Viking heritage of Scandinavia. Norse Projects exists to provide a modern mash-up of classic designs, contemporary wearing and weather resistant clothing that is fit-for-purpose. Norse Projects offers many types of clothing including T shirts, knitwear, sweaters, jackets and waterproof coats. There is no intricate styling or over-the-top designs here, they are focused on simple designs and colors with its overriding objective of releasing clothing that you can use in combination with other clothing to create your perfect look. You can buy Norse Projects clothing from your local stockist or you may choose to be from an online store, either directly from Norse Projects or through an online stockist. It may yet available in many towns and cities, but you will have no trouble finding a suitable retailer online.

True Religion jeans can be paired up with a short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirt or shirt. As the jeans are quite detailed, as far as torso style goes remember that ‘less is more’. Keeping to tops that have a smooth, simple style will ensure you do not appear intimidating or out of place. A good match would be a plain color t-shirt; if your jeans are dark try mixing them with white or yellow, whereas light jeans will benefit most from colors like green and navy.

Women’s True Religion Jeans – Are Those Fake True Religion Jeans?

Women’s True Religion jeans are a hot item in the women’s designer clothing market right now. Unfortunately, when shopping for women’s True Religion jeans you must be aware that there are faux, phony, and fakes out there creeping their way into the marketplace and into innocent consumers’ closets! Not only are impostor denim jeans made of sub-par material in a sub-par production process, they can also indicate that a person wearing them has no true “sense” of fashion. Read on for some hints on identifying fake True Religion jeans.

True Religion jeans have uniquely shaped pocket flaps on both back pockets and the front coin pocket. Their uniqueness comes in the shape of a well-defined downward point in the very center of the flap with well-defined curves extending upward and outward toward the edges of the pocket. Fake True Religion jeans seldom have this design, but rather mildly curved cuts and sometimes even straight cuts.

Still paying attention to these three pockets, the True Religion embroidery pattern looks like a deep horse shoe with flared ends with large, prominent, silver rivets. This is perhaps the most identifiable feature on a pair of True Religion jeans. Impostor brands typically have a horse shoe that doesn’t cover the entire area of the pocket leaving about a 1-inch “gap” between the bottom of the horse shoe stitching and the bottom of the pocket as well as using smaller “Levi’s style” brass-colored rivets.

True Religion jeans have a Buddha on the back outer tag. If the Buddha is gone, then the jeans are fake! The Buddha should be bright red and highly detailed. Fake jeans will have a buddha that might be a darker shade of red or a Buddha with a “blurry” appearance because they could not replicate the intricate details of his body, especially his fingers. The inside tag will have some features to note as well. First and foremost, the bottom of the tag should say, “made in USA” (spelled EXACTLY like this but without the quotes) and immediately below that will be the size. Some more subtle things to notice on this tag is a slight dip of the letter “J” in the word JEANS and the silver micro-stitching at the bottom.

These are a few things to help you identify fake True Religion jeans. Of course as the seasons change, these features may change as well, but if you put this information to use, then you are more likely to buy an authentic pair of True Religion rather than be scammed.