Custom Jeans As a Status Symbol

In case you hear the phrase “jeans are the most democratic piece of clothes” once again be sure the person who said it is hopelessly behind the age. Of course, back in 1880 jeans were considered to be clothes for workers and their price never got higher than 22 cents, afterwards they used to be worn mostly by students and represent an indispensable attribute of picnics in the country, but all this is past now. Today jeans can be seen ar cocktail parties, in offices and even on the Red carpet. Together with high quality watches, luxurious cars and jewelry custom tailored jeans have become to a symbol of status, which importance is not dependent on world fashion trends.

Their way in the world of high society started probably in the 1970s and 1980s with the help of Calvin Klein and Gloria Wanderbild, who created the first expensive and skinny designer jeans. However, the real “jeans revolution” happened in Japan. Evisu and 45rpm brands made an accent on the unusual quality of denim, its finishing and indigo dying process. Selvage denim is today the most demanded type of jeans fabric among the world’s most established brands. Some of the pants manufactured from it cost $300 to $1.500 and their production lasts up to several years.

The trend was later developed in Europe and America. Chanel, Tom Ford, Gucci fashion houses as well as many others started to design custom jeans – with cuts, feathers and African beads which cost $3134 for a pair, A Guinness Book record back then. Of course, today the prices grow further.

American brand A.P.O. Jeans makes custom jeans on a by-order basis ad their prices are above $4000. These jeans are sewn from high quality denim manufactured in India, back pockets are embellished with satin with printed customer name and the number indicating exclusive nature of the jeans model. This principle is known in exclusive jewelry manufacture, where you can find the owner of a jewelry piece by model number. The zippers of A.P.O jeans are polished and covered with gold, and buttons and rivets are made to order from silver, white or yellow gold or platinum, or are even encrusted with brilliants. Another recordsman is Escada fashion house which manufactures luxurious $7000 jeans under Escada Couture trademark. The most expensive model costs $10.000 and is totally covered with Swarovski crystals.

However, let us leave the Guinness Book of records and just look 5-6 years back to see the establishment of numerous small companies specializing on manufacture of jeans. Of course, the companies come and go, but the trend stays. Remember the excitement about Juicy Coutire and Seven for All Mankind? Today these Californian brands are nearly forgotten, for each year new jeans labels appear. The most popular for today are J&Company, Getwear, True Religion, Cheap & Pepper, Paper Denim & Cloth, Notify, Citizens of Humanity, Acne Jeans, Gold Sign Jeans, Kova, Earnst Sewn.

Buyer of Parisian boutique Colette Sarah Lerfel where made to measure jeans from Europe and America occupy a very important place believes that such interest towards jeans is explained by tiredness of too complicated and sophisticated clothes. Jeans are simple, elegant and sexy. However, simple doesn’t always mean cheap.

True Religion Sale – Cheap Jeans For Short Women

Short women often have problems in finding the jeans with perfect length and size. My wife is a short woman and I know what it takes to find the jeans of her perfect fit and measurement. I am writing this article to help the short women know where they can find affordable jeans and what type of jeans they should look for. To start with, the best place to find jeans for short women is at the True Religion Sale store. The sale is announced at least 4 times every year. Watch out for these sales because it is the best place to find jeans that fit your size and height.

The sale offers cheap jeans of various types. Many of these are ideal for short women. Following are some of the jeans you can find at this sale:

Straight leg jeans

They are ideal for petite women as they give an illusion of longer legs. The vertical look that this style adds to the profile of shorter woman makes her appear leaner and taller. However, when purchasing your pair, you should properly measure your length with the jeans you pick.

Skinny Jeans

This style of jeans can also be very ideal for those shorter women who are either very thin or medium sized. Skinny jeans are known to give short women a taller look.


Slight boot-cut jeans are perfect for those shorter women, who possess hourglass figures or triangle body shapes. Slight boot-cut style will add extra height.

Wide Leg Jeans

These jeans can be picked for those shorter women, who are bulky. Such women should not go for the slim cut jeans but only these wide legged jeans as they will offer a great balanced look to the whole figure.

Shopping For Curvy Jeans Online – Why You Need to Try Zappos!

Finding jeans that fit is quite literally a nightmare for far too many women. Curvy jeans are something like a specialty item – as you cannot just walk into your nearest department store and expect to find the perfect pair right off the bat. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all of the different brands, unsure of which styles work best for your body type, you try on pair after pair that look great on display but are ill-fitting on your body, or you cannot find your favorite brand in local stores. If you’re shopping for curvy jeans online, you need to try Zappos.

Where Can I Buy Curvy Jeans Online?

You may have heard of Zappos, but did you know you can shop for jeans online through their website? If you have a curvy body shape you already know that you may need to try on before you buy. Well, how you ever considered this? If trying on is preventing you from online shopping, you don’t have to worry about this with Zappos. One of the unique features of buying jeans online through Zappos is free two-way shipping. You pay no shipping to order the jeans and there is no charge if you don’t like them and want to send them back. This makes for virtually risk-free online shopping.

One of the great things about buying jeans from Zappos is that you also have access to plenty of customer reviews before you add to your shopping cart. Take some time to review them carefully to see what other curvy women have to say about whether these jeans are indeed flattering to their figures. And of course, check to see if your favorite brand is on sale! Not all brands and styles are going to be a match for your body type, so here is a list of recommended brands that earn great reviews from curvy women:


Levis is practically a household name in women’s denim jeans. If you’re interested in this brand, check out the Levi’s 529 Curvy Boot Cut Jeans. Not only are the reviews of the Levis 529 Jeans overwhelmingly positive for comfort and style, but this is also one of the most inexpensive choices you can make. Choose from three different washes – Blue Sky, Dark Horizon, and Premium Indigo.

True Religion

Got a Jones for designer jeans? Of course, you want to check out True Religion. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going through the entire catalog of True Religion Jeans, you already know that there are tons of different kinds. The Becky is the classic bootcut jean. If you’re more into flare jeans, try the Joey or Carrie jeans. What if you’re more into straight leg? Try the Billy. You can also rest assured that these are authentic True Religions by buying via Zappos.

Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s Jeans is another popular premium denim line. Zappos does a great job of updating their website with new styles as they come out. You will want to search for the Honey jeans. These jeans are especially made for women with curvy, voluptuous figures. You can rest assured that these jeans will fit around the hips and thighs. There are several different variants of the Honey jean – different denim washes for a different finish – but you will want to stick closely to this style for your best fit.

CJ by Cookie Johnson

Take a look at one of the newest brands to hit the scene, CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans. There are only a few brands that cater entirely to women with curvy bodies – and this is one of them. Not only do these jeans get great reviews, including an incredible endorsement from Oprah Winfrey, but you can use the Zappos guarantee to try them on risk-free. This is a huge advantage if you’re not able to get to Neiman Marcus department stores where this brand is currently sold.