SaleHoo Wholesale Clothes – Start a Homebased Online Business Selling Wholesale Designer Jeans

If there is a piece of clothing apparel that is here to stay, it would be jeans. Because they can go anywhere, even at the White House, jeans are very much in demand and easy to sell. That is why many online clothes retailers sell jeans. You, too, can make a lot of money if you start a home based online business and sell wholesale designer jeans.

Designer jeans are very popular and you see many celebrities wearing them. However, they can be quite expensive. Because of this, a lot of people look for wholesale designer jeans that they can buy at discounted prices. For your online retail business, you can obtain jeans to sell from wholesale clothes suppliers. They are available at wholesale prices that are usually 80% below retail price. With such a big discount, you can sell them at prices below the suggested retail price and still make a good profit.

You must know that jeans come in all styles and shapes. There are cargo jeans, boot cut, flared, skinny, high-waist, slim, straight-leg, low-rise and also hipster. You must read fashion magazines and find out what kind of jeans the celebrities are wearing so that you will know what to order. Jeans come in different shapes and colors so you must keep up with fashion trends. Some of the more popular brands include Guess, Calvin Klein, True Religion and Rock and Republic.

Wholesale designer jeans are usually sold in lots or parcels. Each lot contains dozens of assorted jeans. Wholesale suppliers usually have a minimum order requirement that can vary from one supplier to another. Before placing your order, be sure to list the style numbers and sizes that you want so that mistakes can be avoided. You should also make sure that the designer jeans you are ordering are genuine.

One important thing to remember about jeans is that they have to fit well. To provide better service to your customers, make sure to give detailed measurements of the jeans in the product description. Different brands have their own unique cut and style, and it is often difficult for online customers to determine if the jeans will fit nicely even when they have the correct size. Some online customers even try on jeans at a boutique to see how well they fit before ordering them online.

When you source out the jeans that you are going to sell, you have to make sure that your wholesale clothes supplier is reputable and will provide genuine designer jeans at the lowest possible price. Finding a reliable supplier is crucial to the success of your online retail business. You can find a good wholesale supplier of designer jeans using SaleHoo’s wholesale directory of verified and authentic suppliers. By making use of SaleHoo, you have the assurance that you will be able to rely on your supplier for low-priced genuine wholesale designer jeans.

Got a Flat Behind? Play Up Your Assets With Butt Enhancing Jeans

Isn’t it funny how we always want what we can’t have? The girl with the round and pert backside wishes that her rear were 5 times smaller. Meanwhile, the girl with the non existent posterior wishes to achieve a larger butt. Well, if the grass is greener on the other side, just water yours! If you’ve got a small behind, you can create the illusion of a larger one with butt enhancing jeans. Here’s how to do it.

Look for light weight denim – This material is very stiff and heavy. If you try to stuff a flat butt into denim jeans, it will only create a flatter looking behind.
A little stretch goes a long way – Your butt enhancing jeans should additionally contain some stretch. A mixture of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent lycra is best. This combination of lycra and cotton, especially when it’s in a nice tight-weave fabric that’s fitted through the hip and thigh area will help lift your buttocks. Too much lycra and your jeans may start to ripple like a pair of leggings. If there’s not enough cotton content, there won’t be enough structure to hold you up.
It’s all in the pockets – The most effective trick for creating the illusion of a bigger butt is to choose jeans with flap pockets. The added bulk of the flap will enhance and add dimension to your tiny tush. True Religion is notoriously famous for their flap pocket designs. You can also try Hudson, Rock & Republic, Frankie B and Paige for addition flap pocket styles.
Pocket placement – If you’re not a fan of flap pockets, or if you’ve already bought too many of them, you can also try denim with regular pockets. Be sure to aim for a pair with smaller pockets that sit higher and this will help make your rear look lifted.
Cut is also important – Look for jeans with a slight tapering at the knee, such as a straight leg or skinny style. This cut will make your bum look a bit larger in comparison to the rest of your body. Great styles to try are True Religion Billy, Julie or Stella, Siwy Harmah or Rose, and Hudson Emily or Paige.
How low can you go – Actually, you don’t want to go too low when it comes to the jean rise. The goal is to project more, not less. A pair of low rise denim will only reduce the size of your rear. Instead, opt for a pair with a medium rise.
Color me right – Since dark colors minimize, dark denim and indigo will create a slimming effect. You do not want this kind of effect on your barely there behind! Try to find light colored or medium blue denim. Grey is very flattering and will also work.

Like a great bra, butt enhancing jeans can also lift and separate what little you have. So it wasn’t in your genes to have a nice, round bottom. Big deal. Be happy with what you’ve got and just improvise!

Designer Jeans Are Stylish and Comfortable

Designer denim saw its early rise to the top of the popularity charts in the late 1970s. By the mid 1980s high end fashion and designer denim brands were every where. Both men and women could be found sporting looks from many of the era’s biggest names. The styles were varied. Women were the first to wear the flared bell-bottom trousers. Jordache, for example, was originally only marketing their brand to women.

While the popularity of designer jeans faded some in the 1990’s it has recently regained its prominence amongst the designer fashion world. The brands leading the way were 7 for all Mankind and Hudson Jeans. These two designers quickly made headway with women shoppers with stylish boot cut trends and unique washes. They also set themselves apart from the other denim jeans manufacturers by adding unique trim options, such as button flap pockets and proprietary stitching.

The denim offered by Hudson Jeans was the first really emphasize the unique button flap. Their trademark pockets make them very distinguishable from other jeans. As the styles became more popular the Hudson brand jeans could be seen on many famous celebrities. Hollywood has always helped push trends to the mainstream. The new styles in designer jeans were no different.

Soon after 7 for all mankind and Hudson many brands followed suit. True Religion quickly made a name for themselves with their rocker jeans and wild stitching on the pockets. The brand hit the mainstream market running. Other brands include Citizen Jeans, Joes Jeans, PRPS, and Lucky Brand Jeans. The majority started initially with a line of designer denim jeans for women but quickly added a variety of men’s jeans as the trend became more popular.

Many of the original brands from the seventies and eighties also began marketing modern jeans with design influences from the original trends that made them popular. Calvin Klein reproduced their old design with loop stitching pockets. In 2007 Jordache came back on the scene by creating a very popular advertising campaign including Heidi Klum and some of their original styles.

The trend of designer jeans has had its ups and designs throughout the years but the many brands available today make it look like it is here to stay. Hudson Jeans, 7 for all Mankind, and the many other brands have even started to offer more affordable jeans to the mainstream market. Further solidifying them for the future.