The Modern Citizen: Jeans In The Boardroom

Denim is one of the most viral fashion trends to hit us! Ostensibly an innocuous tendency, jeans have the ability to gradually take over your closet space virtually undetected, until it’s too late. Little did we know that one pair of True Religion jeans would multiply into multiple pairs of Citizens jeans, Seven for all mankind jeans, Hudson jeans, and even Frankie B. jeans. Just as denim has invaded each and every closet, denim takes over the soul. Why? Because designer jeans, with their slimming lines and sleek appearance, make us feel good!

Places that have not traditionally been denim friendly have been invaded. One theory is that price plays a huge part in bringing jeans into the boardroom. When your Citizens of humanity, True Religion jeans, and Seven for all mankind jeans have prices in the same range as your dress pants, you’re bound to see a crossover. However, some brands are more boardroom friendly than others.

Clean dark washes tend to work the best when transforming a pair of jeans from casual to more formal wear. True Religion jeans in Bobby, and many of the more classic bodies of Citizens of humanity and Seven for all mankind jeans are quite adaptable when placed with the right top and accessories.

The versatility of denim almost certainly earns itself a permanent place in each and every one of our closets, and definitely an enduring presence in our fashion culture.