True Religion Jeans – How To Spot Fake True Religion Jeans

What you are about to read may really upset you. When it comes to designer clothing there are hoards of people out there aggressively marketing fakes as the real thing. And they are trying to take advantage of anybody, including you, to make a buck. True Religion jeans are no exception this annoying practice. The good news is that by following the suggestions in this article you can buy True Religion jeans online, in a mall or anywhere else for that matter with a since of confidence that you are getting an original.

Probably the easiest way to identify fake True Religion jeans is the shape of the pocket flaps. On originals both the back pockets and the front coin pocket are curved with a pronounced point in the center. Fakes will butcher this in a variety of ways from an attempted curve to some that are practically straight. If you need to know one thing about the originals it is the shape of the pocket flaps.

Inspect the back pocket closely. The signature True Religion horseshoe is difficult to replicate and is often shaped incorrectly and off center on fakes. Most of the time fakes will have a horseshoe that is too wide and placed too high on the pocket.

Check out the look and feel of the fabric. True Religions are known for their high quality denim, smooth fading and flawless distressing. The denim on many fakes is coarse, stiff and thin. Additionally, fading is often very abrupt with a dirty brownish yellow appearance. Distressing on fakes if often exaggerated when compared to originals.

Get to know the Buddha. The Buddha shown on True Religion backtags and inner pockets is a brilliant red and detailed. For example, you can distinguish all of the fingers on originals where on fakes the fingers are blurred. Regarding the pocket liners, the Buddhas should be small and bright red. You are looking at a fake if the Buddhas are large, dull or even missing completely.

Inner tag details matter. Original True Religion jeans will have an inner tag where the description under the horseshoe is “made in USA”, not “made in U.S.A.”, “MADE IN USA” or some other derivation.

So now you have some things to focus on when you buy your next True Religions. If you spend some time getting familiar with originals and keep these suggestions in mind you will be well on your way to becoming an expert at spotting fakes. Being able to spot fakes will serve you well because while there are fakes around every corner, there are awesome deals out there too. So start shopping with confidence and good luck in finding your next deal!

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